In the City Without a Compass (Feature Film)


"In the City Without a Compass” becomes the meeting point for two foreigners that have lost the way to their dreams. Anna is a Hungarian immigrant and Pascual is a foreigner of his own life. Both cross their paths in order to remind what really matters to them.


"In the City Without a Compass" also talks about immigration, belonging, resignation and loneliness. Within the current context, urban life is confronted with the rural and the local with the foreign. It is a very simple, realistic and positive story.

Poster In the City Without a Compass


Post Production Award / Agora Work in Progress / 56 Thessaloniki International Film Festival (2015)

Title: In the City Without a Compass (En la ciudad sin brújula)

Genres: Fiction (Drama)

Format: DCP

Length: 80 minutes

Language: Spanish

Location: Valencia y Chera. Spain

Countries: Spain

Production Co: Savinelli Films, Blau Mari Films, Eccoli Producciones

Distribution: Urban Films

Direction, production and screenplay,: Antonio Savinelli

Cast: Javier Mejía, Agnes Kiraly, Teresa Soria, Cristóbal Ríos, Dionisio Martínez, Isabel Torrijo

Screenplay: Mario Fernández Alonso

Executive Production: Aliona Prosniakova, Ismael García López, Francine Raveney

Associate producer: Simón Fariza, César Mari Soucase, Gabriel Gomis, Ana Traver, José Antonio Rosado Márquez

Post-production Manager: Konstantina Stavrianou, Irini Vougioukalou

Cinematography: Javier Lombana

Sound designer: Fabio Maiorano

Edition: Eduardo García Mira, Jordi Valls

Art Direction: Marina Cenacchi

Assistants Direction: Maria Claudia Bonilla, Miguel Ángel Mengó

Music: Gilberto Luna, Gualberto Ibarreto, Mikalojus Čiurlionis, Chronis Taxidis, Fernando Milagros.

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