For a photographer is more important a point of view than a technique, an inspiration than a next generation camera, more feelings and less concepts.  

Photographic series "Finestra"

Photographic series "Memories"

Photographic series "Australia"

Photographs taken in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania.

Photographic series "Lithuania"

Photographs taken in Vilnius, Birštonas, Druskininkai and Zarasai.

Photographic series "A day to day"

Photographs taken on a day to day basis.

Photographic series "Longings"

The place is full of unreality. It´s shapes and senses have diffuse beauty that trap our gaze. A landscape without limits where our longings vibrate among foggy quietness.

Photographic series "Collage"

Collage of photographs of individuals and places.

Exhibition and displays, Photos for companies.