Documentary, Short Film, Video Art, FEATURE FILM

Lizdas - Documentary

Synopsis: During Aliona’s childhood her parents recorded poems and songs that she knew by heart. Thirty years later Aliona listens to the tape and returns to the place where she was born.


Title, Pavadinimas, Название : LIZDAS. Country, Šalis, Страна: Lithuania, Spain, Venezuela. Production, Gamyba, Производство: SavinelliFilms. Duration, Trukmė, Продолжительность: 00:12:10.  Year, Metai, год: 2012. Languages, Kalbos, Языки: Lithuanian, Russian. Subtitles, Subtitrai, Субтитры: LT, RU, ES, EN, FR, IT, DE. Director, Režisierius, Режиссер: Antonio Savinelli.


Festivals and Exhibitions:

The best photography and the best Short film prize in the 3rd Festival of Benisanó (Spain).

Green Film Festival in Seoul (GFFIS) (South Korea).

“MiradasDoc’12” International Film Festival The Canary Islands (Spain).

“Region 0” The Latin Video Art Festival of New York (USA).

Festival  “Corto Acquario” Roma (Italy).

Festival “Quartmetratges 2012” Quart de Poblet (Spain).

Festival “Mediamed12” Sitges (Spain).

Programme “Globoedu” (Spain).

Video creation Festival “CaRevolta 2012” Valencia (Spain).  

Fog (Nebbia) - Video art

Orange Juice (Zumo de naranja) - Short Film

Synopsis: A girl shares an apartment with a guy without knowing the future consequences.


Title: Zumo de naranja. Year: 2005. Duration: 10 min. País: España. Director: Antonio Savinelli. Guión: Antonio Savinelli. Cinematography: David Flores. Cast: Marc Manero, Sara Strobl. Gener: Drama.


Festivals and Exhibitions:

San Sebastián Film Festival 2006.

1st prize in the “L´ermitá” contest in Valencia 2006 (Valencia).

Shown on the “Sky Channel” in over de 40 countries, London 2008 (GB).

Chosen for the National exhibition of short films by the National Film Center, 2007 (Venezuela).    

Habitat - Video art

Synopsis: Resources and present conditions in a given area, which produces the presence and survival of a contemporary man.


Title: Hábitat. Year: 2008. Duration: 6 min. Country: España. Director: Antonio Savinelli. Screenplay: Antonio Savinelli. Cinematography: Antonio Savinelli. Cast: Jorge Gotschlich. Gener: Videoart.


Festivals and Exhibitions:

21th Instants Video Festival Marseille (France).

“Óptica “Festival 2008 (Gijón, Paris, Madrid).

Finalist in the “Premis Tirant” Awards, Valencia 2008 (Spain).

Festival “Periscopia”, Caracas 2008 (Venezuela).

Festival “Baumann”, Terrassa 2008 (Spain).

Included in the video library catalogue of the Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid (Spain). 

Lima Splash - Short Film

Synopsis: In times of crisis, the ingenuity is the best weapon. That is the essence of the short film done by “Grupo Publips”. All the employees of an advertising agency kidnap a client so as not to lose him.


Title: Limasplash. Year: 2009. Duration: 15 min. País: España, Director: Antonio Savinelli. Screenplay: Luis Piquer, Antonio Savinelli, David Cloquell. Cinematography: Juan Antonio Jiménez. Music: Diego García. Cast: Toni Cantó, Carles Montoliu, Teresa Soria, Gabriel Pascual, Rosa Clara García, Pilar Silla, Elena Esparcia, Marino Muñoz. Producer: Publips. Gener: Comedy.



Festivals and Exhibitions:

Lluna de Plata. III Nit de la Publicidad Valenciana, Valencia-2009 

Andrajo - Short Film

Synopsis: A young man goes to sleep one night and wakes up old, but the reality is that his oldness is not physical but mental. 


Title: Andrajo. Year: 1999. Duration: 6 min. Country: Venezuela. Director: Antonio Savinelli. Screenplay: Antonio Savinelli. Producer: Jesús Colmenter. Music: Varios. Cinematography: Pedro Martínez Laya. Cast: Agustín Mata. Gener: Drama.


Festivals and Exhibitions:

Second Prize Bienal Short Film CONAC Venezuela 1999

Exhibition Festival de Trieste-Italia 2000

Participation VIART 1999 

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