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9 differences between Stage and Film acting

9 differences between Stage and Film acting

I got to know many stage actors, who interpret correctly, with a good diction and stage presence but when they are placed in front of the camera it seems that they are just starting in the world of interpretation. They overreact, position their voice and exaggerate their facial expressions.


A talented actor will be able both for stage as for screen, the most important thing is to understand the cinematic technique.


I have prepared the summary of the most relevant aspects that should be taken into account:


1. Start having a very clear idea that for screen you have to act in a totally contrary manner tan for stage.  Instead of expressing you have to internalise, instead of exaggerate you have to simplify and instead of remember the next sentence, you have to forget it.


2. Spectator on screen always views the whole body of the actor, but on screen there are a lot of close-ups. For that reason on a large screen, your image frequently is bigger than your natural size, and the minimum nuance of each of your gestures is magnified.

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8 steps that to take into account while writing a screenplay

8 steps that to take into account while writing a screenplay

Cosmo vision. Is how we perceive the world around us. It is our view of the world. The Cosmo vision serves us to place ourselves within the context and to identify what themes are interesting to address for us as a screenwriters.  Ten lines of Cosmo vision is sufficient.


Theme. Once we have our Cosmo vision, the next step is to choose the theme. Describe in one sentence what screenplay we would like to relate, for example: a man who change his life, a family that deteriorate economically, a girl who decides to undertake a journey and so on.


Narrative model.  Every screenplay must have a conflict, because without it the history doesn´t progress. It is very easy to prepare a narrative model. The main character pursues an objective and appears an opponent. For example: Pablo wants change himself and his opponent is the reality, or Pablo wants to conquer a girl, but his fears don´t allow him to do it.

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In this Film Making workshop we make a short film in a simple and dynamic manner.  Participants learn how to create and make a film starting from the screenplay writing and ending with film editing. To date we have hold 16 editions of this Film Making Workshop and more than 200 persons have expressed their ideas through their own short films. Once the short films are finished, film premier is celebrated and the affluence usually is massive. Later the films are screened at national and international festivals, what serves as an information-sharing platform and advertising material of the place where the films were made.

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